Rainscreen technology to protect homes from harsh weather

End Dams

Plastic push-on end dams replace inefficient metal bending of flashing



Conforming to the new Building Codes for 2006, flashing installers are being asked to install a 1″ high end dam at flashing terminations. As installers ourselves, Raindog has developed a push-on flashing end dam that will look consistent at every end dam.

Bending metal in the field to make 1″ tall end dams look perfect and consistent is almost impossible. Raindog eliminates this dubious task and replaces it with an easy push-on system. Dams will save you material, labour and will look perfect every time.

The Raindog Push-on End Dam will work with gauges of metal ranging between 30 ga to 22 ga.

Note: Other colours available on special order. Minimum quantities apply.
-made from Copolymer U.V. stabilized polypropylene