Rainscreen technology to protect homes from harsh weather

Company Information

“Raindog specializes in rainscreen systems for multi and single family developments”

Raindog was founded by former homebuilders, siding contractors, and current homeowners looking for more ways to protect our homes from harsh weather. Our staff has years of experience in the construction of single and multi unit residential projects, and over the past twenty years we have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of vinyl, wood and cement board siding.

With this experience in mind, Raindog designed siding accessories utilizing the latest rainscreen technology. Our mounting plates for example, draw water away from the siding and prevent intrusion into the sheathing surface. Our rainscreen clips provide a more efficient means of ventilating the rainscreen cavity allowing for cross ventilation in vinyl siding installations. Other products include flashing end dams, soffit screens and starter stips. Raindog continues to work hard designing products to make our homes better protected from harsh weather.

To contact us

Phone: 604-319-7197
Fax: 604-882-9618
Email: jsnow@raindoginc.com


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